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Register you child(ren) into our prestigeous school to Creche-Nursery, Primary and Secondary Classes. Our teachers are competent with higher educational qualifications.
Our mission is to establish a formidable combined Islamic and western education with a culture of moral and academic excellence in a safe, inspiring and mutually beneficial environment through a dedicated and self-motivated workforce that fosters critical thinking and responsible decision-making in learners.

Principal's View on 2020/2021 Graduation Ceremony.

In the name of Almighty Allah, the Beneficent and the Merciful, we give thanks to Allah the Creator of the universe, the incomparable architect of our lives. We pray to Him to shower endless blessing upon the seal of all Prophets. Prophet Muhammad (SAW), his household, rightly guided companions and those whose Islam is a reference point for what Islam truly stands for.
Let me start by thanking Almighty Allah for His mercy, protection on the entire Mafazat family during this critical period in the history of mankind. Like other countries, Nigeria has witnessed death of many people to covid 19 pandemic, but God in his divine Mercy gave us the opportunity to be alive. We therefore pray to Him to continue to protect us (Mafazat family) and our well wishers.
However, with the above mentioned situation, one will quite agree with the fact that this year valedictory and graduation ceremony will occupy significant place in the history of Mafazat schools. As we are going to witness the maidens edition of graduating students who have completely memorize the whole Qur’an from MAFAZAT TAHAFIZ SCHOOL At this junction, on the behalf of the management and the entire staff of Mafazat schools I congratulate Dr Kelani Abdul Lateef, Chief Executive Officer of Mafazat Schools. He is a man with great passion for quality education and well being of both staff and student. Also he is a man of great vision.
I want to equally extend my congratulations to our graduating students we are happy to celebrate you on this great and we shall continue to identify with you on the ladder of success. I can assure you with hardwork and unflinching belief in Almighty Allah great and glorious future lies ahead. To all our parents of inestimable values we appreciate your comments, support and contributions. Infact without you our gathering here today may not have been possible. May almighty God continue to bless you and your family.
My collegues in this noble profession your relentless effort is well recognize and appreciated. Your effort in actual sense cannot be quantified with what you have given monthly. May Almighty Allah reward you abundantly.
On the final note, all Mafazat school stakeholders may the peace of Almighty Allah never exclude your households.


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